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how does my child become a kids model?

you fill out an application form and enclose som private photos

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what are the requirements of the agency?

before sending the application, please note the following requirements:


  • you or another person are able to accompany the child to an assignment on weekdays between 9.00 am and 3.00 in the afternoon
  • you must be able to communicate with us both via cell phone and email
  • you have a car, or you can borrow one

we expect that

  • you show up on time and that you bring the things you have been asked to
  • the parents are outgoing, polite and helpful
  • the child is well-behaved
  • the parents inform us of new height + shoe size five times a year

click here to see the minimum requirements for age and height

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how often is the child offered a job?

the frequency of job offers depends exclusively on the child’s behaviour, looks and photo material

the more new photos your child has on our website, the easier it is for the client to determine if your child is the preferred model

experience and luck also play a part

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is there a limit to how far from the agency the model lives?

we have children from all over the country, but we are mainly interested in children who live maximum 1.5 hours from the centre of aarhus or copenhagen

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confirmation of application is missing - what went wrong?

if you sent an application, and you did not receive a confirmation on the same day, it may be that you have either enclosed photos which are too large (we receive a maximum of 20mb), or perhaps your email contains a virus and has therefore been denied access by our firewall

try sending your application again and enclose smaller photos

if you still do not receive an answer, please call 8619 5959

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is it possible to visit the agency without making an appointment?

It is possible to visit the agency unannounced, but most often you will just be asked to send an application with photos

we prefer to begin the process by receiving an application

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test photo - what is that?

your child is invited to a test photoshoot at the agency             

we take a few photos of your child, partly to get an idea of the child’s talents, partly to see how the child reacts to a photographer that he og she does not know

usually, we will let you know on the same day if we are interested in representing your child

it is very important to us that the child likes to be photographed and smiles a lot

applicants will have to pay a fee of dkk 500,00 for testing at the bureau - this fee covers administration regarding the application, the photograher, getting the photos ready for the website and final enrollment of the model, if we are interested 

after your child is enrolled all tests are free of charge - testing in aarhus is always free for our models, and for now, in copenhagen aswell. but in the future, test photography in copenhagen can cost between kr. 500-800, depending on who the photographer is

if your child is rejected you will get 4-6 photos from the test, without additionel payment

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where are the modelling jobs located?

80 % of the modelling jobs offered by us are located in copenhagen or aarhus

your child will always be offered the majority of assignments closest to your home

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how long notice do i have?

notice of a particular assignments can be from one day to two weeks

most jobs are offered with one to four days notice

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what happens if i turn down a job?

you decide if you want to accept a job offer

we do not bear a grudge if you decide to decline a job offer

we do, however, expect you to accept a job offer whenever you can

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does it cost money to be represented by your agency?

It costs DKK 500.00 to register. The amount is typically paid in connection with the child's first test photo

If the child is subsequently registered after the test photo, this amount also counts as a registration fee

If the child is rejected after a test photo, the amount of DKK 500 will cover the cost of the test photo. The parents will subsequently receive via email at least 4 pictures that we have processed

If the child is sent on a job before a test photo has taken place, the parents will be informed that the child must be enrolled, in which case a registration fee of DKK 500.00 will be paid, and the parents must accept our working conditions in the VIP universe.

If the parents cannot afford the sudden expense, the booker often offers that the fee can be deducted from their first job payment

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why does my child need to be represented by a modelling agency?

casablanca models works as an agency and can accept offers on behalf of the child in consultation with and accept from one or both parents

this means that we protect your child’s interest in relation to a client - every time a client books a model, you make a fixed agreement on which materials are to be used by the client, and the amount of time the client can use photos/film etc.

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what measurements should the child have to fit the clothes?

The clients have individual expectations and all sizes uses tailored measurements

click here to see our measurement chart

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how does a child model resign?

resignation must be sent by email to the agency one month before quitting at the latest

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What modelling fee does the child receive?

the modelling fee depends on the model and the nature of the assignment

the modelling fee and the transportation time is primary income - mileage allowance is tax free

according to the danish agency for labour market and recruitment, we are not obliged to pay holiday bonus, sickness benefit, supplementary pension etc.

click here to see a price list for our models

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system of guarantee of the modelling fee – what is that?

all working models pay a percentage of their modelling fee to a fund to cover modelling fees to models who have not received their fee, e.g. if a company stops payments or declares bankruptcy

you will be informed of terms and conditions for the fund prior to signing the contract for your child with the agency

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does it cost money to be a kids model?

you have to pay a one time fee of dkk 500,00, but in return we offer your child free test photos the entire time, your child is a part of the agency

children under four years will be offered free test photos twice a year

children between four and fourteen will be offered free test photos once a year

all models pay a fixed percentage of their fees, i.e. an administration fee, to the agency

among other things, the administration fee covers expenses for:

  • marketing of the model
  • setup and update of photos on the website
  • styling and training related to test photos
  • training of general modelling competencies
  • catwalk training
  • selection, photo processing and cutting of test photos
  • help with getting hold of job photos and selection for website
  • maintenance of it equipment, licenses, hosting, backup, protection against hackers & viruses etc.
  • creation of a profile and maintenance of it
  • possible creation of video presentation
  • salary for employees who continuously create and send out photo material which has been adapted the various clients
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what happens if the child refuses to be photographed?

fortunately, it happens quite rarely that the child model refuses to do a job

if, however, the situation occurs, the model is sent home, and the client informs the agency

if the child refuses to do the job within the first 35 minutes, the model does not receive a modelling fee

subsequently, the agency talks to the parents as well as the client to determine the cause and how the child can avoid a similar situation

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does the child pay taxes?

Every child has a tax exemption card

if your child does not already have a tax exemption card, we will obtain one for the child at the time of payment of the modelling fee

income before taxation varies from person to person - e.g. It depends on your community of residence and the type of exemption

you have to pay employers’ contribution (currently 8%) of the modelling fee – we automatically deduct that

you can see the size of the child’s income before taxation by logging on to tax’ homepage, or you can check your child’s assessment amount in the field tax exemption card amount

see tax card/tax exemption card on the top of the child’s tax assessment

when the tax exemption card amount has been exceeded, we automatically deduct taxes with the tax rate indicated on the child’s assessment - you do not have to do anything

the child receives a new tax exemption card/tax card every year on the 1st of january - we download it from SKAT’s homepage

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how much is my child likely to work?

how many jobs a child model is offered in a year depends exclusively on the child’s age, height, look, behaviour and the flexibility of the parents

if the child does not have the desired height at the time of photoshoots to a catalogue or a website, the child will not be offered a job – often the agency only works within a span of 4 cm for a particular size of clothes

you decide how much time you want to spend and which assignments you accept

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how long does an assignment take?

all jobs are done on weekdays between  8.00 am and 3.00 pm – rarely during weekends

babies between 0 and 2 years typically have 1-2 photoshoots

children at the age of three typically have 1-4 photoshoots – the job automatically stops when the child refuses to continue – if there are many photoshoots, we recommend that the client books a backup model who can take over if things do not work out according to plan

children between 4-7 years typically work from 1 to 8 hours (much of that time is just waiting time)

the agency always takes the child’s degree of tolerance into account

we do not send children out on assignments longer than we think they can tolerate

there is, of course, no guarantee that the child will do what is expected of it, and the client is well aware of that

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which assignments are offered to a kids model?

casablanca models books children in ages ranging from 6 months to 14 years to photos, fashion shows and advertising both on print and film

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who can accompany the child model to a job?

the child is only allowed to bring one accompanying person to an assignment and no siblings unless the mother is nursing or it has been otherwise agreed in advance

if you have a driver, the person cannot come into the location with you, but is welcome to go for a walk in the surrounding area

the accompanying person can be either mother, father, grandparents, a family member at least 17 years old or a friend that the child knows and feels comfortable around