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faq adult applicants

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How do i become a model?

you fill out an application form and enclose some private photos

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what are the requirements of the agency?

click here to see the minimum requirements for age and height

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how often are you offered a job??

the frequency of job offers depends exclusively on your looks, personality, photo material and good you are in front of the camera (experience)

the more new photos you have on our website, the easier it is for the client to determine if you are the preferred model

experience and luck also play a part

its your own choice to which extend you want to work. How much time you spend, which jobs you want to take and so fourth, it is all up to you

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our expectations?

We expect you to be, Outgoing, polite, helpful and well groomed

we exptect you to comply with your agreements on time and bringing all the things needed (if the job demands speciel things)

that you know how to do a basic makeup (female models) and do your own hair if needed – the agency will assist with guidance and ”do’s and don’ts” regarding headshape, what the clients want and so on

All models must have professionelle photos online – Casablanca Models offer free shoots once a year but you are required to supply newly taken photos when asked or if you have changed hairstyle, haircolor ect.

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Do you accept models from outside of Aarhus?

We accept models from all over denmark

Casablanca Models are located in Aarhus and it is from out office here, that we keep in touch with our models from the entire country

If you have more than a 1,5 hour drive to Aarhus or Copenhagen, its usually harder for the model to get jobs and to accept jobs, since the pay is often ”eaten” by transport costs

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Confirmation on my application is missing – whats wrong?

If you have sent an application through the website and haven’t heard from us in two weeks, I’m afraid it means you could have been declined

We also have a serious firewall, which doesn’t let much thorugh. So a small virus or emails over 25 mb will be blocked

try sending your application again and attach smaller images

if you still don’t recieve a confirmation, please contact our office at 8619 5959

Casablanca Models

is it possible to visit the agency without making an appointment?

it is possible to visit the agency unannounced, but most often you will just be asked to send an application with photos

we prefer to begin the process by receiving an application

click here to send an application

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test photo - what is that?

You will be invited to a test photoshoot at the agency

we take a few photos of you, partly to get an idea of your talents, posing, facial expressions and possibly catwalk

It's portrait and full-figure photography, and you are asked to bring your own clothes and shoes

usually, we will let you know on the same day if we are interested in representing you

applicants will have to pay a onetime fee of dkk 500,00 for testing at the bureau - this fee covers administration regarding the application, the photograher, makeup artist, getting the photos ready for the website and final enrollment of the model, if we are interested

after you are enrolled all tests are free of charge - testing in aarhus is always free for our models, and for now, in copenhagen aswell. but in the future, test photography in copenhagen can cost between kr. 500-800, depending on who the photographer is

if you are rejected you will get 4-6 photos from the test, without additionel payment

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what should I know before considering being a model?

Jobs are almost always placed on week days between 9.00 and16.00 o’clock

thats why it is a good idea to think about how flexible your every day life is and if it is possible to get of work from time to time, sometimes with very short notice

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where are the modelling jobs located and how long notice do i get?

80 % of the modelling jobs offered by us are located in and around aarhus or copenhagen

notice of a particular assignment can be anything from one day to two weeks

most jobs are offered with one to four days notice

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does it cost anything to be a model?

you have to pay a onetime fee of dkk 500,00, but in return we offer free test photos and among other things, the administration fee covers expenses for:

marketing of the model

setup and update of photos on the website

styling and training related to test photos

training of general modelling competencies

catwalk training

selection, photo processing and cutting of test photos

help with getting hold of job photos for the website

maintenance of it equipment, licenses, hosting, backup, protection against hackers & viruses etc.

creation of a profile and maintenance of it

possible creation of video presentation

salary for employees who continuously create and send out photo material which has been adapted the various clients

the dkk 500,00 above is a onetime payment and there are no yearly fee or hidden costs regarding tests at casablanca models. all models pay a fixed percentage of their salery when working

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what measurements should I have?

click here to see our measurement chart

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resignation must be done in writing to any of our e-mails, at least one month before finale dismissal

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modelling fees

modelling fees start at dkk 596,00 pr. hour for adults