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what is an option?

the client can place an option on a model in the following cases:

1. the client is not sure which type of model he/she wants and is looking at more than one model for the same assignment

(the model reserves the job date until the client has chosen a model)

2. when date and meeting place for the photoshoot have not yet been determined

3. when it is uncertain if the clothes will arrive in time for the photoshoot

an option can be kept open until 24 hours before job start - if the option has not been cancelled by the client at least 24 hours before job start, the client pays 100 % for the option

it may happen that a client makes a special arrangement with the agency changing the notice to less than 24 hours, but this requires accept from both the agency and the model

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what do you do if a child does not want to work during a photoshoot?

it may happen that a child does not want to be photographed thus causing the cancellation of a planned photoshoot - in that event the client has the right to send the child home 30 minutes after the agreed meeting time free of charge

the client is obligated to call the agency immediately to inform us that the child has been sent home and the reason for this - after the agency has talked to both client and parents, we decide whether the model should be paid or not

often the agency can offer to send a new model with short notice (approx. 1 hour)

please bear in mind that if some of the photos are used, the client has to pay the total fee

the agency cannot be held responsible for minors who refuse to be photographed due to an unpredictable behavioural pattern

if other models have been present, these model are still entitled to their fee

Casablanca Models

what is a prebooking?

It is a good idea to make a prebooking if the client’s time schedule reveals that the photoshoot will be close to 4 hours work or more

a prebooking of a ½ day means that the client pays for 3.5 hours, but is given the availability of the model for 4 hours - if the 4 hours are exceeded, the following hours will be charged by standard hourly rates

a prebooking of a 1/1 day means that the client only pays for 6 hours, but is given the availability of the model for 8 hours. if the 8 hours are exceeded the following hours will be charged by standard hourly rates

if the client has made a prebooking of a model for either ½ a day or a 1/1 day, the agreement is binding - this means e.g. that if the client has booked a model for a 1/1 day, he/she has to pay for 1/1 day even though the model finishes prior to that time

when the client books a model for a ½ and a 1/1 day, the client is responsible for food and drink during the whole period

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what are the options if the model has a different hairstyle than expected?

if a model has changed his/her hairstyle, e.g. from long to short hair, or has changed their hair colour, and the client has not been informed of this, the client has the right to send the model home free of charge

if the model does not live up to the client’s expectations, the client must notify the agency before the beginning of the photoshoot

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What do you do if borrowed clothes supplied by a stylist are ruined

The client is responsible for clothes or accessories which the stylist/makeup artist has procured at the client’s request

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i have met a model from casablanca models and would like to use him/her for a job/project

if the client runs into one of our models and wishes to use the model for a job or a project, the client is asked to contact us

when the agency knows the size of the assignment, we will contact the model and subsequently return with an answer to the client as fast as possible

our models are informed that all contact must go through casablanca models – we hope you will respect that 

Casablanca Models

what to be particularly attentive to when booking

the client is obliged to inform the agency of the objective of the material when booking a model

normally the hourly fee includes the right to use the photos for advertising, brochure, catalogue, postcards, hanging labels, still photos on instore television screens, photos and videos on web, indoor shop signs, max size 70 x 120 cm, for max 6 months in denmark

possible extended right of use must be agreed with the agency before the photoshoot - if there is no special agreement with the agency, we reserve the right to send an invoice for extended use according to our current price list

if the client needs the material for billboard, packaging or banners on busses, it is important to inform us and get a price

it is always a good idea to get an offer if the client needs the material for many different uses/media - and especially if the intended use of the material goes beyond the country’s borders - this is mentioned to avoid unpleasant surprises at the receipt of an addition to the invoice

the price partly depends on the type of model, partly on the client’s use of the material and length of time in use

displays, posters and internet are typically agreed for minimum 6 months at a time - so even if the client needs to use the material for a limited amount of time, the client will be asked to pay an additional amount for this

if the client needs different kinds of material for an extended period of time, please ask for an offer, and we will give you a price reduction

billboards and bus banners are agreed per week - so if the client needs this for several weeks, we recommend that you ask for an offer - it will pay off in the end

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in which cases will the model be reimbursed for transportation and mileage allowance?

the model is only reimbursed for transportation time or mileage allowance if the job is placed outside aarhus’ city zone or if a model accepts jobs without pay

the client will always be informed if the model wants to be reimbursed for transportation time and receive mileage allowance

calculation of mileage allowance is based on the state tariff per vehicle kilometre – in 2016 the amount is dkk 3.7382 per kilometer

the basic rule is that the mileage is calculated per vehicle kilometre from the agency to the location and back

the first transportation hour is paid in full, an subsequently calculated per 30 minutes

you find the current tariff for travel time in our current price list

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what do you do if the photoshoot is weather dependent?

cancellation of weather dependent assignments must be done 2 hours before the photoshoot at the latest

the client should contact casablanca models if the job is cancelled

if the client has not contacted the agency within 2 hours, all the models are told that they have an assignment

if the assignment is cancelled due to bad weather, the  first time is free of charge

if you book a second time, the models who were cancelled the first time should be booked again - if the model is not available, casablanca models will find another after consulting the client

a weather dependent job is paid 50%, 75% and 100% respectively at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th cancellation

if a weather dependent booking has been confirmed, then cancelled/postponed the first time, the job cannot be cancelled without paying for the job which the makeup artist/model was booked for in advance

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how are the rules for cancellation of a booking?

the client pays full modelling fee + booking fee if cancellation is done less than 24 hours before job start

cancellation of travels must be done at least 2 weeks before the travel date - if the trip is cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to the travel date, 50% of the agreed fee is to be paid - if the trip is cancelled less than 7 days prior to the travel date, the full fee is to be paid

if the model travels abroad for an assignment, the client is responsible for insurance and food and drink during the whole trip

a weather dependent job is paid  50 %, 75 % or 100 % respectively at the 2nd, 3rd or 4th cancellation

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is there a fee if the model’s work hours are changed after booking?

if the client moves the work hours after booking the model, a fee of dkk 75.00 per child, dkk 150.00 per adult – is charged - we have to start all over with obtaining accept from the model

Casablanca Models

what do we do if the model is ill?

if the model is ill, he/she must contact casablanca models at 8.15 am - subsequently, we call the client to hear if we should send another model

often the agency can offer to send another model with short notice (approx. 1 hour)

if the model is booked for a job at  8.00 am, we make a special agreement that the model should contact a given booker at least 1 hour before job start so that the client can book another model if he/she wants to

the agency is not liable for breach of contract due to the non-attendance of the model

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what is a booking fee?

the booking fee is the commission that the agency makes when booking the model

the agency receives a booking fee which is a percentage of the amount earned by the model

this is also applicable if the client extends or expand the rights

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why pay administration fee?

besides bookingfee the client pays an administration fee of dkk 50,00 vat excluded per booking per day

the administration fee is payment to the agency to manage the modelling fee , i.e. correct reporting and payment of taxes – according to the law

the client is obliged to report for the model, but we take care of this on behalf of the client

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when is the client responsible for providing food and drink to the model?

when a job takes longer than a ½ and a 1/1 day, the client is responsible for food and drink to the model and the makeup artist

if the client has booked a child for the assignment, he/she should make sure that food and drink is offered to both the child and the person accompanying the child

the client can choose either to provide food and drink for the model or pay ½ or 1/1 subsistence allowances to the model in accordance with government legislation

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can you rely on the measurements the model has published on the homepage?

If you want to know the time of the last measurement of the child without shoes, you can check the date next to height

shoe size is also updated at the same time as new height

if you want to get the new measurements of a child or an adult, please press new height wanted or new measurements wanted – subsequently, a message to answer as soon as possible is automatically sent to the model

Casablanca Models

what is an urgent booking?

when urgently booking a model less than five hours before an assignment, the client will pay a fee of dkk 250,00 per model, vat excluded

when the agency receives an urgent booking, we often contact as many as 50 families, and three bookers focus exclusively on this task, before we can send the client a suggestion of at least three models

for received urgent bookings, which are subsequently cancelled, we also charge a fee of dkk 250.00

the above does not count, however, if it is one of our own models has called in sick